After much thought, I’m reluctantly discontinuing the Maureen Mengelt Memorial Day 5K race.

I first wish to express gratitude to the runners, volunteers, community support and business sponsors that made the event possible.  Without you, this event would not have seen the success it has been.  My appreciation is deep and sincere.

The decision to discontinue was difficult.  When I lost Maureen, I was looking for a way to honor her memory and her loves of Sun Prairie activities.  For me personally, it was a way to distract me from sleepless nights and do something constructive for a community that was showing my family so much kindness.  I’ll never know how the first event was ready just a few weeks after Maureen’s death – certainly community volunteers did more than I’ll ever know.

Since that first year, I’ve been resigning my job each April 1st to work on the race.  My work has been generous in supporting me and letting me come back once the race was over.  However the amount of time needed for this race has taken away from my most important focus – my children Megan, Andrew and Allyson.  To run the race well requires more than 2 months and I don’t feel I can commit that going forward.

Some (not all) of the donations made with the money we raised have been included below.  Please take a look and see what your generosity and support has done for our community.  Although the race isn't being held, I plan to continue making donations supporting our Sun Prairie youth.

Again, thank you – I’ll never be able to express my gratitude enough.


Kevin Mengelt



2015, 2015, 2017 The MMMF holds a "Maureen’s Match" for SPHS students going to Essentially Ellington in New York, raising  by $4000, $4700 and $4000 respectively

2017 The MMMF donates $500 to the Sun Prairie Band Boosters

2017 The MMMF donates $3,000 to the Sun Prairie Track and Cross country teams to buy jackets for the boys and girls

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 The MMMF donates PS3, PS4, and Microsoft XBox game systems and video games as raffle prizes for annual Maureen Mengelt Squirt Hockey Tournament held at Sun Prairie Ice Arena

2014, 2015, 2016 The MMMF holds BBQ dinners for 120+ Sound of Sun Prairie musicians and support staff at the Dunes in Traverse City Michigan

2016 The MMMF donates over $5k for assorted track equipment for the Boys/Girls SP track teams, including timing equipment, status boards and pole vault bag

2016 At the All City Band Concert, the MMMF donates $1,800 to be used for music scholarships as well as donates money for a Mariachi Band to work as clinicians with students

2016 The MMMF donates $3,000 for soccer coats to support the Sun Prairie Girls soccer team

2013-Today The MMMF buys a Kettle Corn Machine which is used not only to raise money at the annual race, but has since loaned it out, along with supplies, to many local clubs, churches and charities. $500 is typically raised at these events.

2016 At the April 11th Band-o-Rama concert, Kevin Mengelt presents at check for $13,000 to Sun Prairie Band Booster president Steven Dewitt to be used to help purchase the new band truck seen in the background. These proceeds came from a "Maureen’s Match" event where public donations were matched by the Maureen Mengelt Memorial Fund for this purchase.

2015 The MMMF donates $5,000 for to bring a Challenger soccer coach from Great Britain to train several youth soccer levels in Sun Prairie

2014 The MMMF donates $3000 to SPYSA to replace  old failing field liners, allowing for easier, better and more frequent lining of soccer fields throughout Sun Prairie, benefiting soccer players of all ages

2014 The MMMF donates $5,000 to install flooring, paint and lockers at Sun Prairie Ice Arena girls' locker room, matching the amenities already found in the boys locker room

2014 The MMMF donates $1,500 to sponsor 6 music camp scholarships during the summer of 2014

2014 The MMMF purchases 2 portable shelters for $15,000 to be used by girls/boys teams at Sun Prairie High School. Kevin, Megan, Andrew and Allyson are thanked by the SPHS girls soccer team.

2014 As a thank you to music educators long hours, dedication and excellence, the MMMF invites all music and choir instructors, along with their spouses or significant others, to a reception at Promenade Hall in the Overture Center, followed by a performance of RAIN, a Beatles tribute band

2013 Sun Prairie High School Orchestra promotes "Strings for Maureen" during the city wide Orchestra concert.  Students sold red shoe laces to attendees as a way to remember Maureen and as a statement against drunk driving.  Chad Whalley, orchestra teacher at SPHS and his students raised over $800 that evening and donated the money to the Maureen Mengelt Memorial Fund.

2014 Maureen's family pledges to match donations made to support construction of the proposed Sun Prairie Ice Arena. $18,600 is donated in a 3 week period. The Maureen Mengelt Memorial Fund matched $18,600 for a total donation of $37,200.