The 2016 Maureen Mengelt Memorial Day 5K is over!

Thank you to everyone who made the 2016 MMMD5K and community festival a huge success on Monday, May 30th! This event was possible because of generous sponsorship and a community of volunteers.

If you received a shirt voucher ticket on Memorial Day, you can redeem it after Wednesday, June 8th at Elite Embroidery in Sun Prairie. Using a voucher system instead of ordering a large excess of un-sold shirts allows the foundation to focus those funds on the community. The savings estimate of guaranteeing day-of-race shirts for pre-registrants only is enough to benefit three kids each year who would not otherwise have those opportunities. We appreciate your support for investing in the community.

2016 Photos and Video

More than a thousand photos from the 2016 Maureen Mengelt Memorial Day 5K are now available!

2016 Race Results

2015 finish lineThe 2016 race results are up!